The Comic

Blink City is rife with supervillains, mad scientists, and henchmen ready to strike at any second-- so it's up to Lightblade, Comet and Moonbeast to face them! All while balancing the difficulties of having a day job, raising a family, and struggling with a secret identity. Can they balance it all, or will they be toppled by their nemeses?

Hilda Terry

The Author

Hey there, I'm Seren Mills (she/her)! I make this comic in-between work and my personal life. I started Blink City Heroes to learn how to make comics and tell stories. I hope you enjoy exploring these characters with me!

When I'm not drawing, you can find me playing Unite on the couch, reading one of many webcomics, or running a game of DnD.

Hilda Terry

The Colorist

Howdy howdy! I’m Catherine Litvaitis (she/her), and I do colors on Blink City Heroes! I’m a marketing person by day and a creative making her own stuff at night. Any remaining brain cells in my head at the end of the day go to improv and DnD.